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iCann 1700x

Engineered For

Commercial Indoor Hydroponic Cannabis

Flower Stage

Boost Up to 1900 μmol/s

We are dedicated to designing and manufacturing the best-performing LED grow lights for the serious grower.

Our LED grow lights not only eliminate the need to change lightbulbs, but they also undercut massive energy usage, whether in a commercial facility, greenhouse, or private residence. What type of grower are you?


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Before we launched iSpirix, we took it upon ourselves to really understand our growers and realize that there two types of growers: Personal and Commercial. 

iCann1100E is a lower intensity light system for early-stage plant development and low photosynthetic photon flux density (PPFD) harvest such as herbs and vegetables. A lower-wattage package of our popular iCann1700X, the Supernova is designed with the same industrial features to improve the grower’s experience and harvest. We give growers with limited space a chance to maximize their growing space while achieving high-quality crops.



Open Bench

Efficient indoor cultivation requires sole-source lighting in order to control all environmental aspects including HVAC. So, iSpirix equips indoor cannabis cultivators with LED grow light solutions that ensure seedlings, veg, and flowering plants alike receive the specific intensity of light they need to flourish. Options range from specific lights geared towards helping your seedlings and cuttings grow healthier with better root development to a full-cycle light that can be adjusted at each stage of the plant’s life.


Vertical Farming

Turn square feet into acres. iSpirix lights were designed to run cool and be razor-thin so vertical farmers can have their crops as close as 5” from the light. So, you can add as many tiers as your HVAC allows, all while delivering extremely high and uniform levels of PPFD so plants are  producing quality flower consistently cycle after cycle.

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And getting amazing yields off my iCann1700X
Over a pound from two auto flowers. Crazy!

One auto flower was over 11oz. That’s almost 3x the normal size​



The light came in discreet packaging. It’s big, but has a small price tag. Uses Osram LEDs and has a broad spectrum. I purchased this light for my seedlings and clones. Seems to do the trick. Great price point for name brand LEDs.



Just received my 2 iCanna1100E! The light is very bright as expected and it doesn’t add too much heat to the tent. Love how simple it was To set up and also that it is a fully adjustable light. 

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